Mute Swan taking off 

Whooper Swans Flying 

Whooper Swan landing 

Flying Whooper Swan 

Barnicle Goose 

Mute Swan washing 

Pink-Footed Geese landing 

Flying Pink-Footed Goose 

Ice-skating Whooper Swan 

Flying Juv. Whooper Swan 

2 Flying Greylag Geese 

3 Whoopers with GPS transmitters. 

Whooper Swans making heart shape with their necks 

Pink-Footed Goose 

Mute Swan washing 

Mass flock of flying geese (Mostly Pink-Footed Geese) 

Pink-Footed Goose Feeding 

2 Flying Pink-Footed Geese 

Canada Goose with Gosling 

Big Flock of flying Pink-Footed Geese 

Whooper Swan landing 

Flying Whooper Swans 

Black Swan feeding 

Whooper Swans making a heart shape with their necks 

Lesser White Fronted Goose 

1 Flying Whooper Swan 

Landing Whooper Swan 

Whooper Swan coming into land